10 March 2022
UTC: The human side of a reliable transport company

The social work of a business is the invisible side of its success; while economic performance is measurable and can be reflected on balance sheets, exports and jobs, however, the value of a loving offer and an act of solidarity to fellow human beings is an incalculable and invaluable asset. Companies that are aware of their responsibility, as regards the impact they have on society, have incorporated the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in their strategy, pursuing responsible entrepreneurship.

For the transport company UTC SA, solidarity is a strategic choice, having a direct impact on society; thus, the company’s core decision to take part in resolving social issues can be measured by means of its actions.

The company’s social work involves its particularly important current endeavour titled “Driven by Solidarity”, which primarily aims at the vulnerable age group of children and young people supported by the charities “SOS Children’s Villages” and “Ark of the World”. The purpose of this program is to meet specific needs of these children, making their daily lives easier while providing for basic needs, such as food, heating and transportation.

Thus, UTC has started implementing a series of interventions related to the meals and comfortable accommodation at the SOS Children’s Villages. During one year the Company undertakes to cover the breakfast and lunch expenses for all children at the House of Vari while for the same time period it will be covering the cost for heating oil at the Vari House, thus ensuring both food and warmth.

As regards the Ark of the World, UTC has taken care to meet the children’s transportation needs. The company donated a vehicle to facilitate the transportation of children to extracurricular activities, to the doctor’s or wherever necessary, while in the coming days it will also deliver a nine-seater van, facilitating even more the
group’s mobility.

Well-established in the transport industry, UTC International Transport SA expands its activity to all lengths and breadths of international trade. The company has long experience in transporting all kinds of goods around the world, from fresh catches and food, to spare parts for Greek seagoing ships, to works of art, jewellery and precious stones. Supported by an experienced and well-renowned executive team. It pursues a path of dynamic development and it has been distinguished as Greek Business Champion of the Decade and a leader among transport companies – members of IATA in Greece. In a world that counts numerous social ills, acts of solidarity are the hope for a better tomorrow, and UTC shows the human side of entrepreneurship.

Source: news247.gr